Sunday, March 01, 2009

oval criterium (first race of the year)

yesterday was the oval crit up in ft. fun, colorado. here are some pictures from my first race back post baby sam.

carol leading the charge to try to pull back the lead break that we missed, oops. we may want to conserve a little energy at the beginning of the race next time, lesson learned. i do want to say that i was proud of how our team worked together. carol and jenna were awesome.

the eventual winner, amanda miller, with the other off the fronters. (megan hottman and lea davison)

jenna and carol gave me a great lead out, but i just couldn't close the deal. for some reason going into today i thought i would be ALOT more fit than i actually am. i thought hours and hours of pulling sam around in the trailer = a mean sprint. i was wrong.

race pictures were taken by diana, thanks.

get on the jallen train. (jenna allen) she's a monster on the last lap.

after the race carol had me, amy (not on vc, but very much wants to be) and half of maegan's face over for chilli and cornbread. others were there too, but not pictured.

baby sam had a great time over at carol and tim's ultraclean place. he played on the floor with his toys, had a very large poop (record breaker), and made everyone laugh while doing so.

i also wanted to thank jon for watching sam while i raced. (and he didn't get to) what a great husband.


Lisa Strong said...

nice work teammates!

A LOT is two words. pet peeve

Amy Dombroski said...

Well, yes, your team does make some tasty food...chili, cornbread, eggs and ham. And then there's the chocolate chip banana bread from Beth. Can I hang out with y'all this weekend tooooo?