Sunday, November 16, 2008

yesterday was the louisville cyclocross race put on by boulder racing. as usual, i love this course. the weather was perfect (for me) and i managed to push myself for 6 laps without wanting to quit. that's always a big deal when i don't want to quit a race, it means my fitness is coming around. i still placed poorly in the results, but again, i didn't want to quit. (i did have a squishy back tire though, and i was kinda hoping it would blow, but that's different then wanting to quit...i think.)

we had over 60 women racing yesterday. granted half of them were from team tough girl, but still cyclocross is alive and well in women's colorado racing. now let's transfer this over to road racing and our problems are solved.

picture from six degrees of slush.


tamom said...

way to go MAMA!

Anonymous said...

Baby steps pun intended!